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Who We Serve

The William Gundry Broughton Foundation funds organizations and projects that support educational, cultural, scientific, medical, municipal, religious, and charitable initiatives. We support non-profits, large and small, in and around New York’s Capital region and nationwide.

Our grant recipients represent a diverse population with unique, creative and critical missions – from training canine service/therapy companions to providing financial safety nets to families in crisis.  We are committed to carefully reviewing each and every grant application with the goal of upholding our generous founder’s mission:  “While we are here let us do good.”

The current profiles on our Grants page represent a sampling of organizations we have recently funded.  A more comprehensive list of grantees and gifts can be found here.

 To find out more information about potential eligibility for your organization we invite you to fill out and submit the  form on our Contact Page.


While we are here,
let us do good.