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About Our Founder

William Gundry Broughton was a community-minded individual who truly lived by the celebrated words of St. Francis of Assisi “While we are here, let us do good.” When WG Broughton passed away in 1994 at the age of 92, his thoughtful and generous life philosophy lived on. He left behind a philanthropic legacy that continues to positively and powerfully impact the lives of many – year after year.

Before his death, WG Broughton committed his sizeable personal fortune to a private charitable foundation that bears his name. The mission of the William Gundry Broughton Private Charitable Foundation reflects the values and beliefs expressed and supported by Broughton during his unique and engaging lifetime.

While we are here,
let us do good.

Physically active and energetic and a lifetime lover of learning, Broughton enthusiastically sought out new experiences and academic achievements well into his senior years. He was tireless in his quest for knowledge and channeled this passion into the establishment of a number of academic scholarships that reward hard work and scholarly excellence.

He graduated from Cornell in 1924 and spent his career working for General Electric as a district sales manager for broadcasting equipment. After his retirement, at the age of 66, he earned a law degree at the New England School of Law, followed by a master’s degree in communications at Murray State University in Kentucky at the age 72. He went on to further his eclectic education, enrolling in classes at the prestigious Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference at Middlebury College.

His interests and skills included amateur radio, engineering, aircraft radio design, small plane pilot, motorcyclist, and avid outdoorsman. He attributed his wealth to investments in the stock market and his “penurious” ways. He is described as having been unconcerned with conveniences and the trappings of success. He did not have a telephone and heated only a portion of his home during colder weather. He did not own a car. Instead, he traveled by motorcycle into his eighties. A former pilot, he often flew to distant points on business trips. He never married and had no heirs.

William Gundry Broughton was a seeker and a scholar who left behind a gift of great wealth. His intentional and well-conceived legacy encourages and enables others to take up the mantle and continue to do good long after his death. The stewards of the WG Broughton Foundation are committed to carrying out the wishes of our generous founder while meeting the diverse financial needs of eligible recipients, near and far.