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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions we receive about our grants, the application process, and who is eligible.  To aid in your application, here is a list of required documents for every request for funds.

Is my organization eligible for a grant?

At this time, we only provide grants to documented 501c3 organizations.

What types of organizations typically receive grants?

We fund educational, cultural, scientific, medical, municipal, religious, and charitable organizations. Refer to our Past Grants page for a detailed list.

When are the submission deadlines?

The Board meets five times a year to review grant requests. Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year and will be reviewed by the Board at the next appropriate meeting.

How and when will be notified about the status of our application?

You will receive an email stating that your completed application was received, or you will be notified of the need for additional information. Applicants are typically contacted about funding decisions within two weeks following grant review sessions.

How long does it take to receive a grant?

After your organization has been approved for a grant and we have received any additional required documentation, funds are typically distributed within 2-4 weeks.

Can we apply for a grant more than once?

There is a two-year waiting period between grant award dates and consideration for another grant.

Required Documentation