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About the Foundation

The William Gundry Broughton Private Charitable Foundation provides financial assistance to non-profit organizations representing a diverse and deserving population.  As stewards of a charitable trust founded on the simple premise compassionately expressed by St. Francis, “while we are here, let us do good,” we are committed to making a difference in the greater community by providing financial support that has a direct and positive impact on our grant recipients.

William Gundry Broughton was a progressive, generous and forward-thinking individual who valued hard work, tenacity, curiosity, and the pursuit of excellence.  He wanted his charitable legacy to live in perpetuity to ensure that the world would benefit from the “gifts” that we can all contribute toward the greater good.

To that end, we strive to fund organizations and projects with missions that promote education, health, safety, and cultural enrichment.  Our goal is to make it possible for people, places, and institutions to face the future with a renewed sense of promise and purpose.

We invite you to learn about the compelling man who lived a unique and intriguing life and whose interests and philosophies made it possible for all of our grant recipients to benefit from his enduring generosity.

Our Mission

The William Gundry Broughton Charitable Foundation provides financial assistance to non-profit organizations dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of their community members. We focus on funding programs and projects that support educational, cultural, scientific, medical, municipal, religious, and charitable initiatives that encourage personal and organizational growth, reward hard work and creativity, and provide safe and healthy environments to learn and grow.

Our Board

Grace Golden, President
Robin Bingham, Director
Christian Mohr, Vice President
Susan Thomas, Secretary
Jean Duxbury, Treasurer
Howard Mack, Esq, Director
William S Lucarelli, Director
Thomas Gifford, Director

While we are here,
let us do good.